Earn crypto by doing sh*t

What is Layer3?

Layer3 is a platform that enables anyone to contribute to web3, from anywhere in the world. DAOs and decentralized communities upload tasks in the form of Bounties, Contests, and Projects on our platform, while users explore communities and complete tasks to be rewarded in crypto.
DAOs and communities that partner with Layer3 can trigger payment with their chosen ERC-20 token, whether it be governance token, stablecoins, or their native protocol token. This enables contributors to be paid in ownership, and seek out the decentralized communities that mean the most to them.
We’re here to revolutionize the future of work and enable anyone—regardless of skill—to contribute to a DAO and earn crypto. We want to help the world embrace working in web3 by providing everyone on both sides of the equation with simple and intuitive tools to get sh*t done.
Our goals are simple:
  • Make working in web3 a reality for everyone.
  • Help people find their tribe in web3 by giving everyone the tools to get involved.
  • Provide everyone in web3 the tools to get work done effectively.
  • Make decentralized work a reality.

What's our Mission?

Layer3's mission is to unlock & reward individual human potential on a global scale with the power of web3.
Our guiding star is the idea that everyone has something to offer. We believe that a 16-year old coder in Mumbai should have equal access to the opportunities available to a 27-year old FAANG engineer in Silicon Valley. When traditional industries gate-keep purely based on education or pedigree, they lock out a potentially competitive talent pool and bar them from contributing skills that can significantly advance projects.
The development of web3 signals a major shift in our outdated paradigms of labor, infusing the idea of “work” with values of decentralization, ownership, and transparency. Individuals can now contribute to any project or mission and earn in ownership. DAOs and communities are giving value back to their users as opposed to just extracting it.
We’re here to arm contributors with the tools and knowledge to move towards this new horizon, and create new ways of working altogether.


How to use this Guidebook

The purpose of this community guidebook is to serve as a resource for DAOs and Contributors.
Let's get started 🚀
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