Contest & Project Guidelines
If you're a contributor on Layer3 interested in completing your first Contest or Project, please read the community guidelines below.

All submissions must be original.

Any duplicate, copied, or plagiarized submission in a contest or project will be deleted/rejected immediately.

Plagiarism is not allowed.

Derivative content or similar explanations are understandable to some extent, but blatant plagiarism will not be counted as a valid entry.
  • You will be warned by a CM if your contest or project was found to be plagiarized. That submission will be deleted and marked as invalid.
  • If you plagiarize a second time, you will be banned from submitting another contest or project via Layer3.

Make it relevant.

  • Only submit the relevant links mentioned in the contest description — any irrelevant or spam links will be treated as invalid entries, and repeated attempts of submitting spam or irrelevant links will result in a permanent ban.
  • In writing submissions for contests that require a Google doc to be submitted, make sure you click on the ‘Change to anyone with the link’ so that the reviewers can go through your submission.
  • If you’ve used a quote/data/reference from an external source in any type of submission (mostly writing contests), make sure that you’ve mentioned and properly cited it.

Adhere to task guidelines & instructions.

  • Read the instructions correctly. If you fail to adhere to the task instructions, your submission will be counted as invalid.
  • Any attempts of using a script and/or bot on Layer3 to gain an unfair advantage against other users will be taken very seriously, and that user will be immediately banned from using the platform.
  • Most contests and projects are to be attempted in English unless specified otherwise.
  • In the case of translation contests, do not copy and paste the entire document through Google Translate, we reward high-quality work and there’s no first come first serve basis in such contests, so take your time to deliver quality content!

Layer3 does not select winners.

  • We partner with a lot of communities and every community has a different standard of judging submissions. We do not have the final say on any submission. In case of any inconsistency, you can contact the Layer3 team under the #help section on Discord.


  • You can’t change your submission link after you’ve entered the contest, so make sure you do it carefully!
  • In cases of IRL contests (e.g. taking a photo of a logo in front of an IRL landmark), please don’t upload digitally edited pictures, as we can differentiate between the real and fake ones. Digitally manipulated submissions will be immediately disqualified.
  • Repeated violations from any of the above guidelines would result in us banning your address, so make sure you follow the rules while earning crypto ;)