How It Works

What is Layer3?

Are you a crypto community, protocol, DAO, or ecosystem? Layer3 is your web3-native user acquisition tool.
We're the all-in-one platform to land customers by providing the most effective top-of-funnel acquisition and targeting mechanisms.
How? Let's find out.

I. Users and Projects meet on Layer3

For users: Layer3 is where web3 discovery begins.
Our community comes to Layer3 to discover and (re)discover relevant, curated products & protocols in the form of Bounties, or groups of guided actions. Users climb the leaderboard with XP and earn access to future Bounty opportunities with completions and achievements.
We've created a highly retentive experience for users that's both inherently social and gamified. This has resulted in over 400k+ on-chain actions without token reward incentives!
For you: Bounties are modular, instantly deployable ads.
Ad campaigns in web3 today are costly and slow: custom smart contract builds, liquidity mining, airdrops, or on-chain referral programs have a lead time of 4-6 weeks.
With Layer3, Projects can save months of build time and create better, more interactive ads using our no-code Bounty Builder.
Please visit out Bounty Builder page for more information.

How do I get my community on Layer3?

We believe it is important to create the best experience for both communities and users. This means adding communities gradually as we grow.
If you're interested in getting your community on Layer3, send us a DM on Twitter, post in the #partnerships channel on Discord, or shoot us an e-mail!
We'll be in touch if you think you're a good fit for Layer3.
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What is Layer3?
I. Users and Projects meet on Layer3
How do I get my community on Layer3?