On Layer3, Bounties are instantly verifiable on-chain and off-chain tasks that users can complete for experience points (XP) or crypto rewards. We are currently accepting new protocols, DAOs, or companies interested in creating Bounties on Layer3! Please get in touch.
What are they?
Bounties are intended for community activation. Instantly reward XP or crypto to users who complete either on-chain or off-chain tasks, such as changing their profile picture on Twitter to a hexagon NFT, staking tokens in a DeFi protocol, or engaging with a tweet.
How do they work?
  • Ecosystems, communities, or protocols post a bounty on the Layer3 platform
  • Layer3 users can complete the bounty and we verify instantly whether the mission was completed
  • Users will receive in-platform XP and/or crypto rewards upon verification
  • Once the maximum amount has been claimed, the bounty automatically ends
Want to complete a Bounty? Take a look at our Bounty board.
Want to post a Bounty? Send us a DM on Twitter, post in the #partnerships channel on Discord, or shoot us an e-mail!
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