On Layer3, Bounties allow anyone to instantly earn crypto & XP by using web2 platforms & web3 protocols. These are currently custom-built for our partner communities.
What are they?
Bounties are intended for community activation. Instantly reward crypto to users who complete either on-chain or off-chain tasks, such as changing their profile picture on Twitter to a hexagon NFT, staking tokens in a DeFi protocol, or engaging with a tweet.
How do they work?
  • DAOs and/or communities post a bounty on the Layer3 platform
  • Layer3 users can claim the bounty and we verify instantly whether the mission was completed
  • Users will receive a direct payout to their wallets upon verification
  • Once the maximum amount has been claimed, the bounty automatically ends
Want to complete a Bounty? Take a look at our Bounty board.
Want to post a Bounty? Fill out our partnerships form or chat with your assigned Layer3 community manager to get started.
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