On Layer3, Contests enable users to compete with fellow contributors in order to earn XP, crypto, and governance tokens. For a detailed walkthrough on how to create a contest, click here.
What are they?
Contests are designed so that contributors can seamlessly contribute to a DAO without the downsides of lengthy onboarding processes. For DAOs, it's easy to pitch a task to multiple contributors and reward the submission you like best.
How do they work?
  • DAOs and/or communities upload a contest with a required task
  • Contributors can view the requirements for each contest and submit their deliverable within the allocated time period
  • DAO and/or community members will decide on the winning submission
  • The winning contributor is automatically paid out in the community's chosen token
Want to participate in a Contest? Take a look at our Contest board.
Want to post a Contest? Fill out our partnerships form or chat with your assigned Layer3 community manager to get started.
Note: Layer3 does not act as an intermediary in choosing Contest winners. All winning submissions are chosen by DAOs and partner communities, based on their own sets of criteria.
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