On Layer3, Projects are long-term, high-impact ways to contribute to web3 communities and DAOs. For a detailed walkthrough on how to create a pontest, click here.
What are they?
Projects let DAOs and web3 communities hand-pick the best candidate to work on a high-impact task. They are intended for in-depth work over a longer completion timescale, usually with higher payouts than Bounties or Contests. This feature can also be used for grant or scholarship applications.
How do they work?
  • DAOs and/or communities post a Project on Layer3 and note what they're looking for in applicants
  • Contributors will apply to complete the Project and share their relevant experience
  • DAOs and/or communities can Shortlist and select the ideal contributor for the Project from their Layer3 Dashboard
  • Contributors and community team members will communicate throughout the Project and review progress via a private Discord channel
  • Payment will be triggered in the community's chosen token once the work is fully completed
Want to apply to a Project? Take a look at our Project board.
Want to post a Project? Fill out our partnerships form or chat with your assigned Layer3 community manager to get started.
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