Getting Started

This page will help you get started with Layer3 Partner API.

Introducing the Verify API

Welcome to Verify, a universal web3 API and GUI that simplifies how you interact with web3 actions.

Verify is designed to streamline the process of defining and validating on-chain actions. It removes the need for manual Etherscan checks, hardcoding API calls, and managing separate APIs for each chain.

With Verify, you can quickly set up your own Quests, build Loyalty and Referral Programs, create Learning Systems, and much more. We provide you the tools; you bring your vision to life.

Getting Started with Verify

Verify is user-friendly and powerful. It works in two straightforward steps:

Step 1: Define On-chain Action(s)

Coming Soon

Our Action Builder, a user-friendly, no-code GUI, allows you to quickly define the on-chain action(s) you want your users to take.

Step 2: Call the Verify API

Currently available for select partners

When you call the Verify API it returns a boolean response, indicating whether a specified user address has completed the action as defined in Step 1.

Verify - simplifying web3 interactions, one action at a time.

The Layer3 API is currently only available for invited partners. You will need an API key from the Layer3 team to get started.


The API key needs to be passed as a Bearer token in the Authorization header on every request:

Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_LAYER3_API_KEY}